UK Firework Review Members first Thunder in the Sticks Meet

Posted by Mark Neville on April 10, 2014 0 Comments
Finally, after months of waiting it was time for the UKFR Thunder in the Sticks, an evening of pyro heaven for firework fans.
But this was not just about watching a couple of firework displays, it was a chance to make a day of it and to meet lots of other
pyro people, suppliers, retailers, pro display teams and general firework enthusiasts.
The day began early for those with responsibility for setting up the evening finale Cat 4 Display.
They weren't the only busy people on site - the Cat 3 guys had over 240 cakes and single ignitions to set up from donations by attendees and sponsors.
Not that it was all hard work of course, there was plenty of time to talk with others in the firework trade, putting names to faces and work through the odd burger or three.As the evening approached and excitement mounted the raffle for prizes donated by the attendees raised a massive £750 for Macmillan Cancer Support, what a great start to the evening.  And from that moment on it was one 'wow' after another!
First up 'the battle of the candles' with a huge range of fountains, roman candles and mines fired in quick succession.  
There were also three 'gold brocade' rockets put up against three gold brocade shells and to be perfectly honest, the rockets performed pretty well! Next up, a demo from Magnum Series showcasing 20 or so of their CE marked Cat 2 products, followed by a similar demo from Jorge.  This was quickly followed by the Cat 3 display, (all available to the general public), and provided 15 minutes of marvellous noise and colour.  
I must confess that I didn't know everything that went up but there were some obvious and recognisable pieces amongst the many being fired.  For me, the easy standouts were 
Absolutes Klondyke Barrage pack which had superb breaks and colours, all Celtic Fireworks 36 shot range, Brothers Hercules, (the original of course) and Powerstation 1, and Cosmics Midnight Thunder, (really loud with vibrant colours).
And so we came to the night's finale, the Cat 4 'Pro Display'.  To be honest, I find it difficult to describe in words, you really had to be there.  Let me just say this was truly a pyro show by pyro enthusiasts for pyro enthusiasts and it ticked every box going!
And then it was over, but no, hold on everybody, one more to go, and up went a massive 12" shell, its burst filling the sky with colour and noise and bringing the final curtain down on a wonderful firework enthusiasts gathering.  
Roll on the next one!!

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