Far East Themed Fireworks

Posted by Mel Nabarro on January 19, 2012 0 Comments

If you've been inspired by the recent Chinese New Year falling on 23rd January and want to celebrate this festivity, how about inviting your friend and family over for a party and treat them to a show of fireworks as well as serving delicious food!

Its the Year of the Dragon and our ‘Enter The Dragon’ firework will be perfect for such an occasion! This cracker is a 21 shot barrage shooting out red, blue or crackling tails, followed by stars, strobes, willows and starbursts. Combine it with one of our great value Selection Boxes and you have a recipe for a fantastic and unforgettable evening.

Maybe you fancy a celebration that's a little more peaceful and reflective, then take a look at our Chinese Lanterns. These create a magical effect as the lanterns are lit and then carried away on the night sky. Make sure you include a note about your resolutions for the coming year and hopefully they'll come true.

Have a look at our great range of fireworks here!

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