Star Fleet Rockets in to Space!

Posted by Mark Neville on January 19, 2012 0 Comments

Rockets are a necessity in any firework display and they are guaranteed to get spectators up on their feet, poised to hear that whoosh as it launches up in the sky!

Rockets have a huge fan base and as such it’s the one group of fireworks where the effects improve year on year! However there is a downside to rockets and that are the effect timings - they are short! So make sure you bulk up your display with other fireworks to ensure your spectators aren’t disappointed.

Here at Stealth Fireworks we have a great range of rockets and recommend a pack of mix effect fireworks as a good starting point for planning your display and the Star Fleet Rocket Pack fits that bill perfectly. We think Sci Fi fans will love this nod towards their favourite TV shows.

Click here now to view our full range of rocket fireworks!

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