Celebrate in style with Stealth!

Posted by Mark Neville on February 14, 2012 0 Comments

As Stealth Fireworks explodes into March, leaving Valentines and Pancake Day behind us, we are welcomed into spring by St. David, the patron saint of Wales. As anyone of Welsh decent reading this will know, today is St. David’s Day and an opportunity to celebrate his life and achievements. Welsh he may be but who’s to say we can’t all celebrate this occassion? Disneyland Paris hold a special three day festival dedicated to St. David. The parade is a sea of red, green and white, the oh-so-familiar characters dress in Welsh costume and as we’ve come to expect from Disney the festival is rouned off with a spectacular firework display.

So if the French can celebrate it, why cant we? Well here at Stealth Fireworks we think you should. As St. David’s Day is, this year, on a Thursday, its nearly the weekend so why not join us in starting a trend and hold your own celebration? We have a plethora of fireworks suitable for any occasion so have a look at our fantastic range here and start planning your firework display. From big rockets, to cakes, sparklers to fountains Stealth Fireworks is your one-stop-shop for all your firework needs.

Want to stay in keeping with the occasion? Then why not purchase one of our Awesome Rocket Packs as shown above? Four rockets with loud reports and four different effects, including Crackling silver brocade to crackling 'Prince of Wales' feathers. You can order your fireworks online or pop in and see us at our Southampton store

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