The joys of single ignition

Posted by Mark Neville on February 14, 2012 0 Comments

If you’re passionate about fireworks like we are then our range of Cat 3 fireworks will be right up your street. We stock a huge range of products designed to be bigger, louder and brighter than their Cat 2 brothers. Wether its a King Cobra rocket,  a classic Catherine Wheel or colourful fountain you’re after we have everything you need to transform the night sky into a rainbow of colours... and loud bangs!

One of the favourite options in our Cat 3 range is our fantastic variety of Single Ignition fireworks. A single ignition firework will amaze any audience and is a display in itself. Accompanied with a few of our rockets you’re looking at one impressive show!

At Stealth Fireworks we have a choice of over eighteen separate displays with an average length of one to two minutes each. We have old favourites like ‘Ve Day’ and ‘War Lord’ all the way up to ‘Midnight’, a 78 second, 107 shot firework frenzy. With loud bangs, whistles and crackles in a melting pot of colour it is sure to electrify your audience with a eruption of ‘ooooohs’ and ‘ahhhhhhs’. Check out the video above to see just how good it is.

To see our full range of single ignition fireworks and to place your order online please visit us here.

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