Commonwealth Day

Posted by Mark Neville on February 14, 2012 0 Comments

Commonwealth Day is held every year on the second Monday of March and has been since 1976. Prior to this most countries in the commonwealth celebrated the occasion on varying dates. A relatively unheard-of celebration we all commemorate this special day in different ways. In the UK The Queen attends a multi-faith service, usually at Westminster Abbey, and then delivers an address, broadcast throughout the world. At Stealth Fireworks we prefer the way the Canadian’s do it – with a massive firework display!

Officially its not a national holiday though... Boo! So you might still have to go to work but whose to say you cant take a leaf out of Canada’s book and celebrate our part in the commonwealth with your own firework event this weekend.

At Stealth Fireworks we have a huge range of fireworks for any and every occasion. Why not pop in and see us in our Southampton store tomorrow enabling you to celebrate with style over the weekend? You can view videos of most of our products on our website allowing you choose your display in advance. If you would rather we took the pressure off your shoulders then we also stock a number of selection boxes, like the ‘Jupiter selection box,’ which contains a mixture of ground and aerial display fireworks including fountains, mines, candles, barrages and rockets.  Something for everyone!

To see our full range of fireworks and to place your order online please visit our website.

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