St. Patrick's Day

Posted by Mark Neville on February 14, 2012 0 Comments

There’s only two days to go before a sea of green will sweep across countries all over the world. St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated on 17th March every year, is a cultural and religious holiday in commemoration of the Patron Saint of Ireland.  The three day festival in Dublin runs from 16th – 19th March and is filled with parades, live entertainment and a huge firework display over the River Shannon.

So what are you waiting for? Invite a few friends round, buy a multi-pack of Guinness, whip up some Irish Oatcakes and have your own St. Patrick’s Day party this weekend. No party is truly complete without a bit of extra sparkle and that’s where Stealth Fireworks can help. From garden fireworks, fountains and cakes, to single ignition spectacles, barrage packs and big rockets, we can provide you with everything you need to pull off your own firework display.

For St. Patricks Day why not try out our ‘Emerald Selection Box’ which contains 15 individual garden fireworks of varying effects and colours suitable for everyone. Or for the larger party why not purchase  ‘Emerald Nights’, a Cat 3, 35 seconds, 36 shot cake which will impress your guests with brocade crowns, strobe pistils and loud reports in an array of colours. For more information on these, and all our other products please visit our website here.

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