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I know it’s hard to believe, but there are some people out there who just aren't that enamoured by the loud bangs that come hand-in-hand with most fireworks... and I'm not just talking about children. Or Pets. If you are hosting a firework event and want all the magic of a regular display but without the ear bursting noise then at Stealth Fireworks we stock a wide range of alternatives, as well as range of firework ‘accessories’!

To start with you could outline your party area with some beautiful Candle Bags. Our Ice Candles can then kick things off with low noise fountain effects before unleashing ‘Silver Flying Fish’, a low noise, 35 second, 20 shot single ignition cake. Add in a pack of our low noise ‘TFI Rockets’ and a ‘Fiery Eye’ wheel and you have an impressive display that truly everyone can enjoy.

A perfect way to round off the evening is with our selection of Chinese Lanterns which are available in a variety of colours and sold either singularly or in multi-packs. All our lanterns are 100% bio-degradable and goes without saying, noise free!

For more imformation about our fantastic range of low noise products, to view video’s of our products or to place an order please visit our website here.

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