Rock-et your World!

Posted by Mark Neville on February 14, 2012 0 Comments

A firm favourite with real enthusiasts and the public alike is the good old fashioned rocket. Over the past few years rockets have got bigger and better and are a long way from the first fireworks invented by the Chinese back in the 7th century! Here at Stealth Fireworks we appreciate that different elements of your display require different types (and sizes!) of rockets, that's why we stock the varying amount we do. This enables you to plan your display with precision, building up the performance to the explosive finale with an array of loud reports and bursts of colour. 

We offer a huge range, from smaller rockets to kick things off, all the way up to some of the biggest and best rockets available to the public. Our smaller rockets come in packs containing either four or five fireworks providing you with a good starting point. The big rockets such as ‘The King Rocket’ are all Cat 3 and real crowd pleaser's. Throw in a couple ‘Demolition 3” Shell Rockets’ and a ‘King-Dom Rocket Pack’ and even the most fervid enthusiast will be impressed with your display.

For more information, to view video’s of our products or place an order please visit our website here.

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