Birmingham Speedway Opening Event

Posted by Mark Neville on February 14, 2012 0 Comments

Yesterday saw the arrival of the Birmingham Speedway season opening event. Held every year, Elite Speedway consists of 10 teams from all over the UK battling it out over a 6 month season to come top of the speedway league. Last year Poole took the title but with a few new riders added to their ranks this year Birmginham are hoping to shake things up a bit.

Held at the Perry Barr stadium the opening event is an occasion for all ‘Birmingham Brummies’ supportors to get together and welcome in the new season with an array of entertainment and activities. Every year the pinnacle is the fantastic firework event lighting up the city’s night sky. This year the display was by Jubilee Fireworks, a local company located about fifteen miles from the stadium. If you live in Birmingham and were lucky enough to catch some of the display why not leave a comment; tell us what your favourite effect was and why!

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