Chocolate Overload!

Posted by Mark Neville on March 09, 2012 0 Comments


So how much is your stomach hurting right now? After a long weekend of gorging on a seemingly endless stream of Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, birds nest cakes and every other Easter related treat many of us have probably seen enough chocolate to see a life time. Fear not; as you sit there regretting that last kinder egg we’re here to take your mind off it. Not only that but Stealth Fireworks can even offer an alternative for next year!

Having been up to your neck in chocolate eggs why not try something a little different; like dragons eggs. No, not to eat, that would be impossible. Take a look at the video below and we’ll explain...

Brilliant isn’t it? That’s ‘Fever’, a 45 second, 49 shot cake...and that is one of the ‘alternatives’ we can offer for your Easter 2013 celebrations. Why? Because they contain dragon’s eggs! A dragon’s egg is a pyrotechnic star which explodes with a loud report. They can be found in a number of fireworks including big rockets and always add that something extra to an effect. So next year why not do something different? Click here to view our range of fireworks that include dragon eggs; I dare you to find an Easter egg that gets as big of a ‘oooooo’!

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