Where It All Began...

Posted by Mark Neville on March 09, 2012 0 Comments

When enjoying various firework events do you take a second to think about where and how it all started? Well take your seats class because today we’re going to look at the history of our favourite fireworks and how the displays we have all come to know and love first came about.

We begin our journey in China in the 7th century with the discovery of gunpowder, which apparently was by mistake! When three ingredients were heated over a fire then dried it formed a flaky black powder which when ignited burned with a loud bang. When the powder, named ‘huo yao’ (fire chemical) was then inserted into bamboo shoots then lit, the fire cracker was born.

Over time the Chinese developed the firework adding a variety of effects and colour. The first displays took place during the Song Dynasty and formed the foundation for the elaborate displays we enjoy today. Although news spread fast and Europe attempted to develop their own version it wasn't until the 16th Century that Europeans chemists in Italy developed a product to match that of the Chinese.

The first recorded display in the UK was at King Henry VII wedding in 1486. Popularity increased throughout the centuries as the developments improved and they are now more popular than ever. With such variety available at Stealth Fireworks we’re proud to stock over 98 individual fireworks from garden fireworks to the larger Cat 3 single ignitions and big rockets. Head over to our website to see our full range and make your own bit of history.

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