A Right Royal Party

Posted by Mark Neville on March 09, 2012 0 Comments

Stealth Fireworks are proud to supply a huge variety of fireworks from a number of select vendors, all of whom are well established consumer firework manufacturers. Today we’re going to take a closer look at Royal Party. With offices in Asia and Europe, the Royal Party brand has grown to become a household name in fireworks manufacturer and distribution. Manufactured to the highest standards Royal Party demonstrate their desire for providing high quality products that are value for money. With the introduction of new and exciting products each year we believe this brand, who’s motto is “Dedicated to Quality”, will continue to enjoy the growth they have experienced since launching.

At Stealth Fireworks we stock a number of Royal Party’s single ignitions, cakes and rockets. One of our favourites is Hazard, a 62 second high speed 96 shot cake. Consisting of red and green peonies with crackling timerain, v-shaped red and greed starbursts, silver falling leaves, v-shaped multiple silver brocades to red and green peonies with white crackle and a multiple peony to gold crackling chrysanthemum finale.

Why not head over to our products pages to have a look at all the fabulous products we have on offer, or to what video of any of our fireworks, including Hazard.

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