St. George

Posted by Mark Neville on March 09, 2012 0 Comments

Although the English are not known for celebrating our patron saints as much as say the Irish do, we are pleased to see that some people are trying to shake things up a bit. Yesterday was St. George’s Day; a day for the English to celebrate their patron saint and swap stories of slaying dragons and saving the young maiden Alexandra. Or maybe not... But it is an excuse to throw a firework event!

This Saturday is ‘St. Georges Firework Fury” competition being held at Codicote, Hertfordshire. Having run for a good few years, this years competitors have now been finalised and are raring to go. This year there are 4 companies battling it out to be crowned the 2012 winner. All 4 of this years entrants are new to the event so the competition is right open!

There are still a few tickets left so if you’re at a loss of what to do this weekend why not check it out? Its guaranteed to be a spectacular show and with the accompaniment of BBQs and a beer tent what better way to celebrate your patron saint than with a loud bang (or 10!)?

If you don’t get to make it there yourself, fear not; at Stealth Fireworks we’ll be keeping a close eye on the event this year so make sure you check back here later for a full review of the evenings excitements and find out who scooped the big prize!

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