5th Da Nang International Fireworks Competition

Posted by Mark Neville on March 09, 2012 0 Comments

As April draws to a close and May Day approaches, what better way to round off the month than with another fireworks competition. At this rate I propose that April is no longer the month of Spring, and instead is the month of the firework! With so many firework events running concurrently it’s hard to lose track. From Hertfordshire we now travel over 6000 miles to Da Nang in Vietnam where the 5th International Fireworks Competition is being held.

It takes place over the 29th & 30th April in the central city. Thanks to the opening of the Da Nang airport last year the hosts are expecting a large increase in the number of foreign travellers and visitors to the competition.

The three days prior to the competition will be filled with several artistic activities, a new addition for 2012. These include street music performers, cuisine corner, a night market and exhibitions. Another change for 2012 is the competitors themselves; this year 4 previous winners (from 2008-2011 respectively) along with Team Viet Nam (Da Nang), will compete with each other to depict the theme, “The Colours of Da Nang,” through firework displays.

If you, or anyone you know, is attending this event please get in touch and let Stealth Fireworks know how you got on, what where your highlights, your favourite display; we’d love to hear from you....

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