Father’s Day!

Posted by Mark Neville on June 06, 2012 0 Comments

What a weekend? We do hope you enjoyed all your local firework events in celebration of the Jubilee. As the decorations get put away and the paper plates and cups are recycled we move on to other events this month. The European Cups starts this week but before we go celebrating the achievements of everyone else, let’s bring it a bit closer to home...

The 17th June is Father’s Day. Finding your dad the right gift can sometimes be a challenge, let alone knowing how to celebrate it. Well this year why not go that extra mile, shake it up a bit and celebrate in style with a selection of garden fireworks? Men seem to have a built in desire to blow things up; so let them!

At Stealth Fireworks we have a huge range of fireworks suitable for any occasion but for the 17th June why not consider getting ‘The God Father’? A collection of 14 different styled cakes offering the very best in exciting variety and 1417 (yes!) shots, the name says it all.

If big rockets are more your (or your dad’s) thing, then in keeping with the event, why not get the ‘Prestigious Rocket Pack’? After all surely every one’s dad inspires respect and admiration? Why not head over to the Stealth Fireworks website and get your creative juices flowing for a Father’s Day he’ll never forget...

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