New Look Cat2!

Posted by Mark Neville on June 14, 2012 0 Comments

Well what d’you know, the powers that be have decided, eventually, to make some changes to the restrictions surrounding Cat 2 fireworks in the UK. Big rockets can get bigger and garden fireworks can now be a regular feature at the smaller firework parties!

In the past Cat 2 fireworks had to use tubes of 20mm or less and contain less than 200g of gunpowder. Not any more!! Under the revised BS EN 15947 (worldwide standards) Cat 2 products can now have 25mm calibre and contain up to 500g of powder - more than double the previous quota!

This is a turn up for the books and where, in the past, the gap between Cat 2 and Cat 3 fireworks have been increasingly more noticeable, it looks like the Cat 2 is fighting back. Not only that but due to their restrictions some enthusiasts would opt for a Cat 3 over a Cat 2 when really they didn’t have the space to do so. With these new regulations coming into force firework manufacturers supplying the UK market will be able to ramp up the effects of the Cat 2s meaning we can enjoy better and safer displays.

Manufacturers are working hard as we type to get some new products to market so keep an eye out for the introduction of the new Cat 2 range over the coming year. In the mean time we’ve got enough to keep you going so head over to the Stealth Fireworks website and see what we’ve got on offer for you...

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