The Science of Fireworks

Posted by Mark Neville on June 19, 2012 0 Comments

We all love fireworks right? It doesn’t matter whether your oooo-hing over big rockets or ahhhh-ing at multi-shot cakes, they’re all brilliant! Every year we look forward to bonfire night fireworks, not to mention New Years and all the other events we celebrate with pyrotechnics, but how much do you know about our fiery friends?

Take your seats class as we transport you back to school and let Professor Chris Bishop guide you through the science of fireworks... It really is interesting stuff! This is a full on lesson so why not bookmark this page and pop back to class throughout the week to top up your knowledge?

Wow! So now you know all the ins and outs, head over to our website, pick out a few of your faves and impress guests at your firework events with your remarkable new-found knowledge. With some fantastic deals on offer and fireworks of all sizes for all audiences here at Stealth Fireworks we can supply everything you need for your display!

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