Big Rockets? Na. HUGE ones!

Posted by Mark Neville on June 26, 2012 0 Comments

At Stealth Fireworks we LOVE our big rockets. We’ve got some mammoth ones available, either online or in our store, that are definitely worth checking out! Like the ‘Panther Rocket Pack’ - 2 very loud rockets with different effects; one huge blue and silver peony with red palm centre and a very loud report, and the other, a huge red and silver peony with silver strobing glitter, green and gold bouquet pistil and a very loud report. 

If you want a bit more variety how about the ‘Mega Blast Rocket Pack’? 27 different sized rockets with numerous effects including brocades, twinkle brocades, palms, pistils and pearls lighting up the sky in a assortment of colours!

But what about the real BIG ROCKETS....Do you know what the World Record is? The title is held by ANEPE (Associacao Nacional De Empresas De Produtos Explosivos) from Portugal and was award as recently as October 2010. What makes it the world record? It weighed 13.4kgs, compared the normal 500g and contained 33 motors where average “big rockets” have 4!. The firework rocket measured 7m in length and the diameter of the rocket head measured 63cm. When launched the rocket reached an altitude of 98.37m!!


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