Montreal Firework Mania

Posted by Mark Neville on June 28, 2012 0 Comments

So when we told you about Malta’s International Symposium of Fireworks, the 10 day event seemed a marathon. But move over Malta... its that time of the year again; yesterday Montreal took to the pyrotechnic centre stage for one of the biggest (and longest) firework events of the year!

The Montreal International Fireworks Competition has been running since 1985 and still going strong. Every year the displays get bigger and better with more countries wanting to take part. This year hosts Canada are joined by France, Portugal, Greece, USA, Switzerland, Japan and defending champions Italy in the competition which runs from... wait for it... 30th June to the 3rd August!!

Forget your garden fireworks, or even your larger firework events, this is the real deal. The program consists of magical displays from each country; from Japan’s reinvention of a thousand year old pyrotechnic art to America’s pyrotechnic symphony inspired by the Disney classic Fantasia. The 5 week competition comes to a close with the explosive grand finale; A Tribute To Queen - A pyromusical spectacular celebrating our legendary band. Awesome.

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