Firework Designers

Posted by Mark Neville on July 02, 2012 0 Comments
While you were all enjoying the various firework displays last month to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, did you stop and think about who designs them? Professional firework displays require weeks of planning before the big event, making sure there is the right amount of colour, effects and noise! 

All year round fireworks are used to mark a grand occasion. With the Jubilee done and dusted and the Euro’s concluding last weekend, the next televised firework display extravaganza will be at Opening Ceremony of the this years Summer Olympic Games in London. The Opening Ceremony at Beijing was a truly remarkable display and with the eyes of the world upon upon us, we have a lot to live up to!

For sneak peek into the world of professional firework displays, Michael Richards talks us through designing the New Years Eve firework displays for various states in the USA. Sit back and enjoy...

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