Firework Selection Boxes - Take Your Pick!

Posted by Mark Neville on July 06, 2012 0 Comments

 With the Summer supposedly in full swing we’re getting more and more requests about garden fireworks and firework selection boxes. That’s the beauty of the range of products we have at Stealth Fireworks; you don’t need to be producing professional firework displays or need an Olympic swimming pool sized garden to enjoy the delights we have on offer.

If you’re stuck as to which effects to buy our firework selection boxes do exactly what they say on the tin, providing you with a selection of fireworks with varying colours, effects and sound.

Our firework selection boxes range from the Helter Skelter which contains 5 garden fountains all the way up to the Jupiter Selection Box which contains a staggering 30 individual fireworks. With a mixture of ground and aerial display fireworks including fountains, mines, candles, barrages and rockets; something for everyone!

A a look at our full firework selection boxes head over to the product page on our website...

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