Spanish Fiesta and Celebration Fireworks - San Fermín 2012

Posted by Mark Neville on July 12, 2012 0 Comments

For the last five years, on the 6th July the San Fermín festivities kicks off. The opening ceremony, "the chupinazo", is marked by rockets being launched from the balcony of the city hall at midday. Thousands of people line the streets enjoying the party below. Nine days & nights of fiesta-mayhem follow, incorporating a multitude of free festival events & fairs such as traditional basque dancing & music, basque cultural sports, live concerts and... international firework displays and competitions each night! The event ends at midnight on Saturday, 14th July, with a beautiful candle light closing ceremony called "pobre de mi" outside city hall.

The firework competitions consist of 9 firework displays, one each night, at 11pm in the Citadel. For those interested in the technical requirements for this event; the maximum duration of the firework displays is 15minutes. The maximum shooting fee is 21,000 € - now that’s what we call a professional firework display! The maximum caliber allowed is of 200mm vertical and a mandatory section of effects of terrestrial façade (in the Royal Citadel bastion) must be accompanied by aerial pyrotechnics from the bastion of Santa María.

Those of you who are lucky enough to be holidaying in Pamplona this summer you are in for a treat! Celebrations don’t stop on New Years Eve firework displays; events like this prove that all year round fireworks are guaranteed to mark an occasion and draw a crowd!

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