Wedding Fireworks : The Tips!

Posted by Mark Neville on July 16, 2012 0 Comments

 At Stealth Fireworks we are fortunate that three of our fantastic firework vendors also provide services including professional firework displays. One of the more popular service requests is, unsurprisingly, for wedding fireworks. The use of fireworks for a wedding is not necessarily a new one, however it is a trend that seems to be growing year on year.

Absolute, Jonathan’s and Kimbolton Fireworks all provide a professional wedding fireworks display service. When it comes to planning the big bang for your big day then cast your eye over our top tips...

Location, Location: For the larger wedding fireworks display you need a clear landing area of approx 150-450ft.

Shhhhh!: Some venues have a noise policy preventing you from having a full blown firework display, however not only is there an ever-growing variety of quieter fireworks now on the market but you could even consider having indoor fireworks!

Length: Wedding firework displays are a lovely touch, but they’re not the star of the show - the newlyweds are! Keep your display to between 4-10minutes tops!

Permission: Most venues will require you to gain permission before committing to a firework display. It is also likely they will then need to see the credentials of your chosen professional fireworks display company. Most companies will deal with the venue directly to alleviate any concern and provide documentation.

Insurance: It goes without saying, but whatever you do, make sure your chosen wedding fireworks display company are properly insured!!!!

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