Wedding Fireworks

Posted by Mark Neville on August 03, 2012 0 Comments

 If you’re having a smaller affair for your Big Day, maybe in the parents garden or something similar, you’ll no doubt be looking for a private firework display, as opposed to a  professional one. Well you’re in luck because at Stealth Fireworks we have a extensive range of Cat 2 and Cat 3 display fireworks suitable for any occasion, including weddings!

On our website you can watch video’s of all our products allowing you to plan your perfect wedding fireworks display from start to finish. Our range of cakes and single ignition fireworks add an instant burst of colour and excitement to your display, take Spectacular, a 75 second, 61 shot masterpiece with red to green crackling flowers, purple to green to blue peonies, red to green wave and red stars with white glitter on crackling tails with massive crackling breaks. Have a look for yourself;

If time is running out and last minute details don’t allow for firework display planning why not take advantage of our pre-selected display packs, they provide you with every cake, single ignition, mine and fountain you could hope for. Not only that, but by buying in bulk you can save a pretty penny too!

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