Pyros - Fireworks meet reality TV!

Posted by Mark Neville on August 07, 2012 0 Comments

Fed up of scouring You Tube and Google for a taste of fireworks between the new years eve fireworks display and Bonfire night? Turns out you’re not the only ones; our good friends in Canada have taken note of the growing interest in all things pyro and in response launched a new reality TV show on Discovery focusing on just that!

Pyros follows the adventures of an elite group of pyrotechnicians as they travel across the globe, designing, setting up and detonating heart-stopping fireworks shows.  From wiring up fireworks with bare fingers in the frigid cold of Quebec Carnival to the heat of New Year’s Eve in Rio, Pyros gets inside the painstaking design, dangerous set-ups and explosive execution of brilliant professional firework displays of all kinds; on water, over crowds, on stages, in parades, everywhere.

Although this programme hasn’t been snapped up by Discovery UK (yet!) we’re hoping they’ll take a leaf out of Canada’s book and it’ll hit our screens soon. Til then, it’s back to You Tube to fuel our firework fire with alternative video delights...

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