Fireworks meets dentistry

Posted by Mark Neville on August 13, 2012 0 Comments

Over the years rockets have been used for many things; part of celebratory firework displays, sending a loved ones ashes into the sky, or some inadvertent bird scaring; but this is a new one. How do we feel about using rockets to pull out a tooth?

Hmmm. We weren’t too sure either but one parent in the good ol’ USA thought it was a brilliant idea. His son was enduring the annoyance of a wobbly tooth and rather than using the more traditional ‘tooth-to-string, string-to-door, slam-door’ approach they decided to mix it up with their love of fireworks and big rockets.

The brave boy, although visibly stunned by the affair, was unharmed. He even managed to recover his tooth ready for the tooth fairy to visit that evening!

Now we’re sure that none of us Brits would even consider doing the same thing, but, just in case; DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!

If you have heard of any other strange uses for fireworks or rockets, please let us know and we will give them a mention...

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