Some like it hot!

Posted by Mark Neville on August 15, 2012 0 Comments

Previously we looked at the origination of fireworks and although they have been used for centuries it’s only in relatively recent times the variety of colour has been introduced into display fireworks. Back in the day yellow and orange were the only colours that could be produced, later chlorate’s were added producing greens and reds. That was it, the gauntlet had been laid and from that point the quest to produce louder and more colourful fireworks had begun.

Better colours fall to 2 main mechanisms;

Incandescence and Luminescence

Incandescence, in simple terms, is the light produced from heat - making the substance grow hot and glow. During the changes in temperature it results in the release of infrared, then red, orange, yellow and white light. 

Deep greens and blues require much higher temperature. They are produced through the mechanism of luminescence, light produced through energy source. More complex maybe, but this breakthrough has meant pyrotechnics have achieve those allusive blue colours! 

Naturally this process incurs more cost which is why display fireworks containing blue colours are more expensive. We stock a fantastic range of all year round fireworks, containing all manner of colours at very competitive prices. To see our full range why not head over to our website or drop into our Southampton store.

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