22nd International Firework Competition, Hannover

Posted by Mark Neville on September 05, 2012 0 Comments

We may be edging towards the annual Guy Fawkes night fireworks we all look forward to so much; but before we get to that we have another annual fireworks extravaganza on the horizon.

Every year the unique setting of the Herrenhausen gardens in Hannover play host to the International Firework Competition - one of the most important fixtures in the diary of a pyrotechnic. These aren’t anything like your home garden fireworks or even like professional fireworks for New Years (which, let’s face it, are normally pretty special!); these are the biggest and best display fireworks the world has to offer!

The competition takes place across 5 Saturdays from May to September with every participating country being assigned one evening to demonstrate their pyro-prowess. A number of countries have had their shot but here in the Stealth Fireworks office we’ve been waiting for this Saturday as it’s time for the UK representative takes the stage.

As the sun sets visitors are entertained by a diverse accompanying programme: live music, variety acts and dramatic performances. As darkness falls, the excitement and anticipation mount to fever pitch as the crowd await the firework frenzy that awaits!

Each display lasts 25 minutes. First comes an obligatory programme, after which the firework artists have the opportunity to give full expression to their creativity in the free section. After the buzz of the Olympics last month it would be great to keep the UK success going; let’s hope we can bring home the gold!

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