Display Fireworks : Blackpool's Fireworks Championships

Posted by Mark Neville on September 06, 2012 0 Comments

Earlier this month we told you about the 22nd International Firework Competition being held in Hannover. Now as much as we all love our celebration fireworks we can’t all just pop over to Germany when we feel like. Good news; you don’t have to travel to Germany to get your fill of professional display fireworks this month, you can go to Blackpool!

The event gathers together the crème de la crème of the world’s firework elite and promises a spine-tingling series of shows.The Blackpool competition one runs over the entire month with a different pyro company taking the stage each Friday to entertain the awaiting crowds.

Canada kicked off the month-long proceedings on the 7th with a dramatic display full of magical effects and a rainbow of colour. France were up next but high winds unfortunately meant the show had to be postponed. Boo! Our friends from down under, Australia, performed the penultimate last Friday.

The highlight of the programme is sure to be this week though, on Friday 28th. Not just because that’s when the all-important winners are announced, but because visitors will also be treated to a non-competition display by the one and only Kimbolton. Last month everyone got to enjoy Kimbolton’s magic as they were the company responsible for the Olympic Games displays so we sure everyone that’s got a ticket will be in for a treat!

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