Celebration Fireworks for every occasion

Posted by Mark Neville on September 06, 2012 0 Comments

You know you spend all year waiting for 5th November and 31st December, for bonfire nights fireworks and New Years eve fireworks to light up the sky in an eruption of colour and noise? Well, if you mark those occasions with celebration fireworks, why don’t you do it for others too?

We’re not just talking about the momentous occasions like a wedding fireworks display, that’s just a one-off thing after all; we mean the other events, birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day... Any day!

With our fantastic range of garden fireworks and display fireworks including cakes, firework selection boxes single ignitions and rockets (to name a few!) we have everything you could need to create your own celebratory display.

The best bit is, not only do we have a fireworks store in Southampton, which we’d love you to come and visit, but you can also buy fireworks online from our website and have them delivered to your door. Why not head over to our product pages here and check them out.

SPECIAL OFFER: 15% discount of all fireworks ordered on line during September.  Enter code EBSF15 at the checkout to claim.

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