New display fireworks for September!!

Posted by Mark Neville on September 24, 2012 0 Comments

 As the countdown to the Guy Fawkes night fireworks fiesta begins we’re delighted to announce a new barrage pack to hit the shelves at our Southampton fireworks store. You can also buy fireworks online, including this beauty, from our website.

This latest barrage pack of display fireworks comes from Brothers and consists of four fantastic single ignitions - a perfect addition to your bonfire night celebration fireworks. They are:

Regal - Spinning comet tails to red palms with red glitter, green palms with green glitter and a multishot finale of red & green palms all with loud reports

Imperial - Glitter tails to red brocade, gold brocade and blue star peony with a whistling tail to gold chrysanthemum burst finale all with loud reports

Sovereign - Glitter tail to red peony, green peony, blue shellburst all with crackling gold glitter with a mutlishot gold tails to crackling gold glitter finale all with loud reports

Majestic - Fired in fours with gold tails to green palms, crackling palms, silver glitter palms and a four shot volley finale all with loud reports.

So what are you waiting for? Click over to our product page here to place your order now!!

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