Celebration fireworks: not just for November!

Posted by Mark Neville on October 17, 2012 0 Comments

It’s not long now until ghosts and ghouls take over the streets and the night of Halloween is upon us. Celebrating Halloween has become increasingly popular over the years, with the UK taking it’s inspiration from our friends across the pond. We think nothing of opening our door on the 31st to a bunch of witches and grim reapers to hand over sweets and chocolates on demand...

That’s all very well for the young ‘uns, but what about us adults? Isn’t time we started to buck the trend and celebrate this holiday too; why should the kids have all the fun? Have a party of your own!

You could play adult versions of all the normal games and really wrap the night up with a bang with a few celebration fireworks thrown in for good measure.

Why not start out small with one of the fountains from our garden fireworks range, like the appropriately named, Haunted House, before working your way up to our Halloween cake of choice; The Phantom, a 19-shot, 42 second explosion of red and blue stars with green fish, red and yellow palm tree with coloured strobing and darting golden fish, all accompanied by loud reports.

If you want to leave you guests stunned at your Halloween inspired display fireworks then we recommend a finale using The Pulverisier, 154 shot and fan masterpiece. Words could never do this cat 3 beauty justice so take a look for yourself...

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