Bonfire Night fireworks from Stealth

Posted by Mark Neville on October 23, 2012 0 Comments

As we edge towards the end of the October there’s no denying we’re approaching our favourite time of year. With the 5th November just around the corner have you started thinking about your Guy Fawkes night fireworks?

Here at Stealth Fireworks we have an extensive range of fantastic fireworks; from Cat 2 garden fireworks to some of the best Cat 3 display fireworks on the market; in fact we have everything you need to produce domestic firework displays 5th November has never seen before!

Like a good rocket? Then look no further, at our fireworks store in Southampton we have a fabulous selection available. One of the more popular choices, offering great value for money and an awesome variety of effects is our ‘Mega Blast Rocket Pack’; an unbelievable twenty seven rockets in one pack!!

For something with a  little more ‘pizazz’, not to mention deafening report, we recommend ‘4-King Marvelous’, 4 rockets with huge gold brocade effects that’s sure to get your guests talking.

If single ignitions are more your thing then kick your Bonfire Night fireworks party off in style with the aptly named ‘Midnight Conflict’ a 500 shot with rapid firing, whistling and crackling mini comets with red and blue pearls followed by an extended barrage of massive red, green and gold peonies and crowns.

For those looking to host a smaller affair we have plenty of fantastic cat 2 garden fireworks on offer. Some of our firework selection boxes would be a perfect option; the ‘Conqueror selection box’ for example contains 15 fireworks including 2 candles, 10 fountains, 2 mines & 1 wheel! A brilliant selection of fireworks everyone will enjoy.

We have hundreds of fireworks available so why not head over to our product pages and take a look at our complete range... If you have any questions about our products or would like advice on the most suitable fireworks for your event, please get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

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