The worlds most expensive celebration firework

Posted by Lizzie Neville on November 28, 2012 0 Comments
We get into lots of discussions with fellow pyrotechnic enthusiasts about the biggest and best fireworks available on the market, whether for the consumer market or professional. Following a recent conversation we were reminded of a firework that stunned the market a few years ago and one we just had to share with you.

Display fireworks can actually come in variety of sizes and categories but it is generally the norm that they will be bigger and better than their cat 2 garden firework counterparts. After cat 3 you have cat 4 reserved for the professionals only. There isn’t a category after that, but if there was, this would be part of it!

The video we’re about to show you isn’t just your normal display firework. Oh no. This is the the most expensive single firework ever made. Weighing in at a whopping 13.40kg this firework would set you back around $6000, but boy is it worth it! A favourite of the major theme parks including Alton Towers and Euro Disney this beauty is becoming a regular at those major event. The price tag reserves it’s use for the big boys but as a spectator we could never get tired of seeing the magic this firework produces...

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