Display fireworks: Single ignition & cakes!

Posted by Mark Neville on December 04, 2012 0 Comments
If you love fireworks as much as we do then you’ll adore our extensive selection of single ignition celebration fireworks. Everyone loves a good rocket (and we’ve certainly got the best of them!) but the single ignitions and cakes offer your friends and family that little bit more.

Available in a variety of sizes and prices there’s certainly a cake or single ignition firework for everyone. From the smaller cakes like ‘Mad as a Box of Frogs’ which you can pick up at a bargain price of just £5, to the larger cakes like ‘Blockbuster Bouquet’ which at just £25 gives you 41 seconds filled with 98 shots of fast paced multishot red pearls to green pearls to blue pearls followed by red and yellow peonies and a golden shellburst with silver glitter finale.

One of our favourites here in the Stealth fireworks store, and appropriate with this time of year, is ‘V-E DAY’. This fantastic single ignition explodes with yellow comets and blue mines, silver spinners, red, blue, green and purple pearls and loud shell bursts followed by silver crackles and glitter culminating in a volley of triple break multicoloured shell bursts with loud bangs. To see just how good it is check out the video below:

We have so much on offer so to see our full range of cakes and single ignition fireworks head over to our product pages here.

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