Fireworks selection box: Take your pick!

Posted by Mark Neville on December 12, 2012 0 Comments
The good thing about firework selection boxes is, well, exactly that; they offer a selection of fireworks, taking all the hassle out of choosing your effects whilst still delivering a fine display.

Firework boxes come in a variety of sizes, from the smaller selection boxes to the larger barrage packs, both of which are available in our Southampton fireworks shop or you can even buy fireworks online direct from our website.

One of the more popular ranges in our selection boxes are the planets; Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter increase in size (and price) starting with Venus’ 22 smaller garden fireworks up to Jupiter’s amazing variety which offers 30 individual effects with a mixture of ground and aerial display fireworks including fountains, mines, candles, barrages and rockets. Something for everyone!

The barrage packs aren’t so much a selection of different fireworks, as they are normally comprised of multiple cakes, but the cakes themselves are all different though so you still get a great variety within your display. Barrage packs range in price but one of the more popular choices for our customers is the Atlantic barrage pack which contains 8 individual cakes including Maestro, a 25 shot effect with glittering gold palms with blue starburst centre and a crackling gold chrysanthemum finale.

To check out our complete range of selection boxes and barrage packs head over to our product pages here.

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