Display fireworks in your front room!

Posted by Mark Neville on December 14, 2012 0 Comments
We thought we’d seen it all... but no. There are still firework related gadgets out there taking us by surprise, and this one is brilliant!

We’re not going to lie, it is aimed at kids but if like us, when it comes to fireworks you’re just a big kid then this should be right up your street. 

How would you feel about having your own celebration fireworks display in your front room? Or any room for that matter! Effectively a high-tech projector with this little unit you chose your desired firework, “load” the launcher with a pump action then fire at the wall where your fireworks will explode in front of your eyes as if you were enjoying a professional display.

We have the Americans to thank for this little gem and as much as we try and describe it there really is only one way to experience it and that’s to take a look for yourself...

Amazing isn’t it? If you’re running short of Christmas gift ideas for the fireworks lover in your life (child or not!) then this might just be the answer!

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