Making space for all the new Pyro

Posted by Mark Neville on September 06, 2013 1 Comment

It’s tidy up time, (again), to make sure that I can still get to everything in the containers even when the new products are in stock.  It always seemed that the one carton I wanted was in the bottom rear right hand corner of a ‘fully stuffed’ container.  But no more!  With extra storage containers I can now leave plenty of space to reach everything.  As you can see, lots of room at our first facility and a decent stock of the Jupiter Selection Box from Cosmic.  One of the best selection boxes we have ever stocked and now just £45 down from our normal £70.  I’ve also got in plenty of the Air Boss II from Brothers, a big seller last year as a rapid firing grand finale piece and this year priced at only £65.                                                               

All of our storage facilities are looking pretty empty at the moment, but by tomorrow at least one and possibly two will be fully loaded ready to supply all your Pyro needs as part of price crash promotion.  And remember, you can order now and request delivery in either week 3 or 4 of October and Stealth Fireworks will hold your product for you.

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