And we’re OFF!

Posted by Lizzie Neville on September 07, 2013 1 Comment

It’s the first day at the shop for this year’s big promotional Price Crash and lots of customers in for a browse.  I’m excited because the price feedback has been really good with a number of orders already placed for October collection. Proving particularly popular are Poisonous Spiders from Jonathans with 30% off at only £35 and Jewel of the Nile from AF Pyro with 30% off at only £22.  As we’re surrounded by supermarkets it’s great that new customers are realising we are just as competitive as them on price and with some stunning products too!  Should I be on the phone to order more stock?

The ‘in-store’ touch screen computers are proving to be a big hit as well.  For anyone not sure what they want or what they can get for their money a couple of touches to the screen and full HD video of all our products are available at  It’s really, really good …. but just wait ‘til you see them for real.

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