It lasted for 10 minutes!

Posted by Mark Neville on September 08, 2013 0 Comments

Strange thing TIME and even more so when you’re watching fireworks.  It must be the way we look longingly skywards and enjoy every second of colour and noise from our displays.  You would find it hard to believe the number of Customers who come in and say ‘I was at a friend’s party the other night and he had one of those single ignition things that he lit once and gave a 10 minutes display’.  Of course I know that there aren’t any retail fireworks that last that long but try convincing someone who’s enjoyed one really good firework is difficult.  The longest individual item we have at Stealth Fireworks is Terror in the Skies from Golden Dragon lasting 140 seconds or just under 2 ½ minutes.

My own preference for all the family & friends displays I do are short and punchy.  For most people watching, 10 minutes of high impact product is just about perfect.  Something like Night Vision from Brothers only lasts about 12 seconds but is full of colour and fires in an eye-catching Z shaped pattern or Atomic Warlord by Cosmic Astra full of rapid fire noise and colour.

Sometimes, the excitement of planning of my displays, -  like do I fire in ones, twos or threes, what will go well together and how can I build up to my finale is almost as good as the real thing …. well ALMOST!

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