Excited Every Year since Aged 5

Posted by Mark Neville on September 12, 2013 0 Comments

I’m getting that ‘tingly’ feeling again because everything is looking good for firing some early Pyro this Saturday.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a clear night sky and since AccuWeather says it’s going to be dry that’s good enough for me, so I’m ignoring Metcheck, UKWeather and the BBC who all say it’s going to be raining!

Saturday’s early ‘Pyrofest’ does follow a genuine need.  Stealth Fireworks needs some video footage for the website and the shop for some of the new products we are stocking this year.  If all goes according to plan there will be film of at least Satans Anger 1500 Shot candle from AFPyro, Sonic Force, Cluster Bomb and Red Cosmos from Cosmic Astra and Wicked Demons Barrage Pack from Golden DragonBrothers & Jonathans provide video footage of all their products so I don’t need to worry about them … but I’m going to fire some anyway.   Full update on Sunday once I’ve calmed down!

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