The Set-Up and the Stake Out

Posted by Mark Neville on September 15, 2013 0 Comments

Well done AccuWeather, a perfect night and the only forecaster to predict dry and clear weather just two days ago.   I finished my preparation early with about thirty minutes before I fired last night’s mini display of products that we either need film for the website or dummies for the shop.

I’ve had a mixture of 24 cakes, candles, barrages, fountains and single ignitions and 7 rockets to fire.  My pattern for firing was set from left to right so that I’m always moving to the far side of the current firework.  Although I had already waterproofed most of the fireworks I had still set them out on plastic sheeting to protect them from any moisture on the ground.  All the single ignitions were staked on all four sides.  The cakes were staked front and back and then taped with good old ‘gaffer’ tape to ensure they stayed upright and the candles and fountains were single staked and taped, but not too tight so I didn’t restrict the tubes and get a blow out.

As it’s was a clear night I also freed up all the fuses in advance and positioned all the products, (wherever possible), with the fuse towards the back left corner so that I knew exactly where to go in the ‘heat of the moment’.

I’m was looking forward to firing the Space Hawk Rockets, Star Glitter fountain, Sonic Force cake, all from Cosmic Astra Fireworks and also Shadow Warrior from Golden Dragon

I’ll post the video onto the Stealth Fireworks website later today and I’ll update you with how everything went in my next blog.

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