Oh What A Night!

Posted by Mark Neville on September 17, 2013 0 Comments

I have now calmed down from Saturday’s high and pleased to advise that everything went really well.  Despite some delays due to minor technical difficulties, (and the football on the TV), the videos are now available.

There were lots of positives from the products we fired, particularly those I was looking forward to seeing.  The Wicked Demons Barrage Pack of 10 small cakes on offer at just £35 from Stealth Fireworks was a big success.  I fired the 4 Dancing Demons together followed by the 3 Angry Demons and ending with the 3 Hunting Demons.  I could have fired them individually but they worked really well like this.  (Video will follow!)

The Star Glitter Fountain, (£3), from Cosmic Astra was superb value for money.  It was long lasting, with good colour and plenty of crackle.  The video doesn’t really do it justice but it’ll be on the website soon and well worth adding to any display.

The Space Hawk Rockets provided the biggest surprise of the night.  Only £15 for a pack of 5 but a huge spread and enormous report from these 1.3G beauties made everyone ask for more.  They’re in the shop now!

Sonic Force was even better than I’d expected, 130 rapid fire shots all with colour and loud reports lasting for just about 70 seconds with a nice volley finale.  My selection to finish the display was Shadow Warrior from Golden Dragon.  This rapid firing single ignition included a fanned volley and also low level mine effects with aerial starbursts and a classic loud report finish.  A really good firework that I’m sure will feature in many displays. 

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