Oh Brother! (Pyrotechnics that is)

Posted by Mark Neville on September 17, 2013 0 Comments

 Another great day in the life of a firework fanatic!  Got my Brothers Fireworks delivery this afternoon and now have in stock one of the best new barrages for 2013, namely, Sapphire Supercharge.  When I first saw the video I thought, not bad, probably as good as Dark Angel, which is pretty good anyway with plenty of noise and colour, but when I saw it for real at the Brothers Trade Night I thought WOW, this will be a big hit for 2013.

But it’s not just about one new firework this year it’s about a few.  Magneto Burst, Brocade Legend and Napalm are all cracking new barrages, Crystal Flare really caught the eye and the smaller cakes of Stormking and Crimson Dynamo perform really well.

Sadly, it’s not all good news.  The best retail Catherine Wheel I’ve ever watched, Fiery Eye, is no longer being made.  The factory that supplied Brothers with this wheel has closed and with it has come the demise of the Fiery Eye.  I just loved this wheel, (and not because I could get it to spin and not fall off its post), but because firing two of these together about 10 feet apart with their changing colour centres and their fiery outsides had the ability to make your balance wobble and and put you in a near hypnotic state.  All is not quite yet lost …. Our firework shop in, Southampton, Hampshire still has about 20 in stock, but this time when they’re gone, they really are gone!

But back to the good news … the old favourites of Krazy Klock, (a superb garden fountain), Bling Bling with its superb silver fish and bees, Open Fire and the legendary Hercules with its crackling finale volley are still going strong and available online from stealth fireworks whenever you feel the urge for ‘pyro’ fix.

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