The Legendary King

Posted by Mark Neville on September 18, 2013 0 Comments

For those with a historical interest this could well be Henry VIII, Richard the Lionheart or even King Arthur with his knights but in more recent times, (the last 5 years to be precise), the only true legendary King for me has been The King Rocket from Brothers.

Over the years I’ve had my ups and downs with rockets!  The regulation changes have impacted rockets more than some other firework items and for a while when there was little of no flash powder I stopped using them in my displays.  Now however, with decent flash powder in our 1.3G rockets, packaged either in cages or held in specialised storage the rocket is back … with a bang! 

Although rockets are typically only one shot wonders there is nothing to compare with that dramatic pause as you hold your breath waiting for the rocket to lift from the tube and then the tremendous whooshing sound as it gathers speed and height before that almighty burst of colour, which for The King, is a huge hanging gold brocade.

However, if the King is not your thing, Stealth Fireworks has an enormous range of rockets both individual and packs so there really is something to fit just about every taste.  Garden rocket packs such as Titan & Galaxy Ballhead are designed for smaller spaces whilst the like of Space Hawks, (big spread, very loud report), and King Cobras are great for bigger spaces.   No matter though, whichever you decide to include in your display, there’s nothing quite like the whoosh, bang of a good rocket.

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