Reorganising the “Front of Shop”

Posted by Lizzie Neville on September 21, 2013 0 Comments

With nearly all of this year’s new stock in it has been necessary to have a bit of a reorganisation in the front of the Stealth Fireworks shop.  Firstly, to fit everything in all the new products, (we have over 250 different lines available this year), and secondly to showcase our products in the best possible light and make it easy for our Customers to see our prices.

The entire end wall is now devoted to rockets, with packs ranging from £5 to £80 and singles ranging from £5 to £20.  The front gondola in the middle of the shop has only garden fireworks and the second gondola has all our barrage packs.

Conscious of how important price is, all our remaining cakes, candles, fountains and single ignitions are arranged in price order going around the shop, interrupted only by the touch screen computers linked to our website and making video footage of all our products just a finger touch away.  And with a separate big screen TV running a continuously loop of our products it’s easy to pick up on items you might otherwise have overlooked.  Finally, carefully arranged in our counter display cabinets are all the selection boxes, sparklers and accessories necessary to showcase our great range of fireworks.

I really hope that if you are anywhere near our firework shop in Southampton, Hampshire you take the opportunity to ‘pop in’ and see us and our set-up.  And if you let us know in advance we’ll make sure the kettles on and ready for you.  

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