Specialised Storage - The rise of the 1.3G Firework

Posted by Mark Neville on September 22, 2013 0 Comments

Changes to regulations come at the firework industry on a regular basis but the biggest change for me in recent years was the reduction of flash powder for some of our popular consumer fireworks.  As a generalisation, 1.4G fireworks tend to have no or less ‘flash powder’ than those classified as 1.3G and this can lead to some reduction in both noise and effect. 

For me in particular, the current crop of 1.4G rockets do not have the same ‘buzz’ as those classified as 1.3G unless they are packed in some form of ‘pyromesh’ cage, such as Absolute’s King Cobra or Superior Rocket packs or Brother’s King-Dom or Star Fleet rockets, in which case they can still count as 1.4G.  The regulation change has led to some useful packaging innovation with rocket packs either available to be sold in pyromesh cages or made available to suppliers in bulk in larger mesh cages.

And not only rockets have been affected!  Suppliers such as AF Pyro, (Absolute), and Cosmic now provide a range of 1.3G cakes and barrages designed to meet our discerning customer’s needs and to light up the sky.  But the issue is not felt so much at the consumer end, (customers can come to our firework shop in Southampton, Hampshire and buy, collect and transport 1.3G items), but at the retailer end where specialist storage has to be available to store 1.3G products not already packed in pyromesh.

Here at Stealth Fireworks in Southampton, Hampshire, we have invested heavily in specialised storage containers to ensure that our Customers do not leave disappointed without such fireworks as Midnight Thunder, Mojo and Armageddon.  In fact, not only do we have them at the shop but also throughout all our storage locations making sure that we meet all the legal requirements without compromising on our range of fireworks available for sale. 

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