How much stock is enough?

Posted by Mark Neville on September 24, 2013 0 Comments

Every year when we sit down in February to plan for the coming year the first question is ‘how much stock is enough’?  I have spreadsheets of stocks and sales going back years.  I analyse new item sales versus old favourites’ sales, short duration fireworks versus long duration fireworks, low noise products versus maximum noise products and of course the price we will be able to offer our fireworks for sale.  Add to that that we are an All Year Round Firework Retailer with our shop means we, (I), always try to plan to have too much stock rather than just too little.  And believe me, it’s not easy!

Should we assume that last year’s big sellers will also be this year’s big sellers, Hercules, Imperial Salute and Vendetta spring to mind, or will everyone want the new for 2013 products such as Swamp Beast, Devils Hound or Crystal Flare?  Will it be a rocket year or a barrage year?  Will Selection boxes be in favour or not?  Will Cheeky Cherries still remain the top small cake?  Will Asda across the road run out of sparklers, (again), and should I order extra just in case.

     Devils Hound £33         

Loud Bangs & Crackles
56 Shots - FAN
54 Seconds

A 56 cake with assorted tails which burst to red stars with timerain, brocade effects with green glitter, golden willow effects with blue stars, purple dahlia stars with crackling, red dahlia stars with white glitter, green dahlia stars with popping flower effects and timerain willow effects

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