My kids want 2 Cats and I Want Cat2

Posted by Mark Neville on September 25, 2013 0 Comments

Easy enough mistake to make!  Both my kids are wanting a Cat each.  I come through the door and it’s the first thing I get asked and after a day in the shop and I say “Yes of course” thinking they want a little pre BFN Cat 2 fireworks display.  My bad, so how do I get out of this, (temporarily anyway)?  Easy, I make a hasty exit and pop up to the local farm to see if I can set off a few Cat 2 fireworks tonight.  I’ve been meaning to review some of my Cat 2 (garden fireworks), products for a little while and this was just the incentive I needed.

Unfortunately, tonight is a no go.  Farmer’s going out and doesn’t want to miss a bit of pyro so it’s going to be tomorrow instead.  Weather is perfect this evening so it had better stay that way for tomorrow and AccuWeather says it’s going to be dry which is good enough for me, (see Blog from 14th)

I’m probably going to fire 20 – 30 pieces.  I’ll definitely fire the Artic Barrage Box from AF Pyro, (Absolute), but really unfortunate, their Aztec Barrage Box isn’t arriving until mid October so I’m probably not going to fire it or see it for real until after BFN.  They tell me it’s really good and their pretty reliable so I’m fairly relaxed about this, (at the moment).

I will definitely add in some of the smaller Brother’s cakes, Ninjasfor sure and also their new Crimson Dynamo and I’ll set off a few of the garden fountains as well.  Lots of people think fountains a bit tame but Jumping Jelly Beans and Krazy Klock are great fireworks just loved by younger kids, (as well as us adults), and Glittering Gemstones has a really loud crackle finish.  And as long as no one else remembers I did them last week I think I can also get away with sending up another pack or two of the Titan Rockets from Cosmic Astra.  For a pack of five available at only £5 from Stealth Fireworks I thought they were really impressive with a decent bang as opposed to a pathetic ‘phut’.

So here we go again …. It’s still almost 24 hours away and it’s only going to be 5-10 minutes and it’s mainly the smaller cakes and fountains but I’m already getting that ‘tingly’ feeling of excitement again.  Can’t wait ….. must wait ….. can’t wait ….. must wait!


Glittering Gemstones £5

85 Seconds

Multiple colour changes coupled with red, green, orange with white stars and loud crackles

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